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How you could learn to code within 13 weeks in Brussels?

Learning to code is trending.

Why you should learn to code

Many experts and media urge that “everyone should learn to code”.  A recent article published on Medium sums up the growing consensus in favour of programming education with 3 keys benefits:

  • Learning to code is not only about learning to code, it’s about learning how to learn.
  • Studying a language, whether programming or foreign, is formatting the brain with a new mindset.
  • Whatever your background or profession, coding can be useful.

Why not?

Going against the grain, some agree that programming is an important skill, but warn that despite a growing popularity the ability to code is no ticket to economic salvation for the masses (see this TechCrunch piece). To be true, this is true for any professional skill (trending or not).

Decide for Yourself: Join a Bootcamp for a Few Weeks

Not sure what’s right for you?  Why not join a coding bootcamp.  At SmartWork, we are happy to host the up and coming coding school in Brussels: Elium.Academy.  Students from Belgium and around the globe are currently participating to a 13-week bootcamp taking place at SmartWork coworking space in Brussels.

Why not join the next program starting in January 2017?  Apply at Elium.Academy or pay them a visit at SmartWork Loi (Rue de la Loi 42, 1040 Brussels.


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